Friday, November 18, 2016

Week 7 EOC The Pitch

World Class Chocolate Smokes.

                 My company will be producing the finest quality chocolate cigars for the upper class men. The cigars will be made up of all the finest chocolates throughout the world and will only be accessible through a few markets. All of our chocolate will be imported from various country’s such as France, Italy, Belgium and many more. Everything will be made in the perfect room temperature there is. The cigars will come wrapped the same exact way real cigars do  

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 2 EOC

Pc. The personal computer has risen as the number one gaming device and it continues to rise."The PC is a flexible machine that can do many of the things that current gen consoles marketed heavily to persuade buyers. Twitch support, 60 fps 1080p resolution, larger game libraries of more affordable games and improved online play are all available on PCs and that’s before even factoring in all the other non-gaming related functions a PC can do".Source: MCV

Cash Cow:

PS4/Xbox 1. The new "next" gen consoles have recently risen to the popular gaming systems charts. They have recently acquired a bigger fan base because 4k gaming will be relished soon. 

"These console releases won’t affect PC players directly, but they’ll reshape the market in ways that could both help and hinder the creation of quality games. The obvious upside is that more powerful consoles should mean fewer technical compromises when developing for both console and PC. Slated for launch in 2017, the two machines sport faster CPUs and significantly more GPU power than their predecessors. Scorpio, the gruntier of the two, will offer a card capable of six teraflops".- IGN
Problem Child:
Wii U. I see the Wii U as the problem child because besides all the good games they put out but the console it self has many down falls its almost out of the console race."In theory, yes it should be more powerful. But reports of a slow CPU, lower quality cross-platform games (in relation to Xbox 360 and PS3 versions) and other niggles are throwing that into doubt. Hopeful owners are saying that it is just because it's a new console, which could be true, but the general word from developers (who have worked on the console) is that it's on-par with Xbox 360 / PS3 or possibly a little weaker. Those are the people I listen too".IGN

PS3/XBOX 360. Even though they has recently released some new games no kid will be going out on Christmas begging there parents to buy them the old slow and worn out consoles because there at newer ones out there.
"Are those sad old machines, PS3, 360 and Wii now totally outdated by the current generation, and therefore retro? I’d say yes. One important mark of a retro machine is that it gets inferior ports of new games-and this has been happening for quite some time now. For example, DA Inquisition, Destiny, Shadow of Mordor, all were made for PS4 and Xbox One. PS3 and 360 were then given inferior ports full of bugs. And this was years ago! Also, in other parts of this great forum, when you say you are playing on PS3, Wii or 360, pips will laugh at you and tell you should get a new machine, because the current gen is PS4 and Xbox One.
So yeah, IMO PS3 and 360 can be considered retro as machines". IGN forums

Friday, October 14, 2016

EOC week 1

It was on a Friday right after my high school marching band had went to apple-bees right after we had won a competition. It was about twelve of us there and the waiter was a nice guy named john. He seated me and all my friends really fast and even made nice small talk asking us about what we were doing there. Once we were all seated he called in one more waiter because he knew there was a lot of us and he wanted us to get our food fast. The way he talked to us and how he was patent was a good key for him to have and it made everything easier. He came back quick with our food and remember where everything went and who had what. It was a very nice experience I had inside the establishment is was fun and relaxing we didn’t have to worry about anything just a fun night out.